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November 3rd 2016

Classes restarting January 2017!

I am pleased to announce our Linton and Ridgewell classes will be restarting after Christmas.

Our Balsham and Clare classes will restart at a later date (to be confirmed) but all children from these classes are very welcome to move to our Linton or Ridgewell classes in the meantime. Linton classes are held in the dance studio at Linton Village College on Saturdays and Ridgewell classes in the Village hall on Wednesdays. Please find the new extended timetables here.

Existing pupils (from all locations) will be given priority to places so please let me know by December 1st if your child would like to continue classes with us / move to one of these classes. Any available places after this date will then be offered to children on our waiting lists.

I have missed all our dancers and am looking forward to starting back!

Alison x

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