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The highlight for many pupils who enjoy dance is to perform on a real stage in front of a live audience. The opportunity to do this in a positive environment with praise and encouragement is invaluable. Performing on stage builds confidence and self-esteem allowing pupils to show the techniques they have learnt. The opportunity for pupils to share their skills and demonstrate their progress to family, friends and an open audience enables individuals to strive to achieve their best and enjoy the creativity and sense of achievement that the performing arts provides.

All pupils are encouraged to take part in our dance shows at a local theatre. Since opening the school in 2008 pupils have performed in two shows: ‘Premiere’ in 2010 and ‘Shine’ in 2012. Both performances took place at the Haverhill Arts Centre where children thoroughly enjoyed performing to two sold out audiences in 2010 and four sold out performances in 2012. The school is passionate about providing pupils with the experience of performing in professional theatres and values the professionalism that comes with using a real stage, specialist lighting and sound, and we enjoy the excitement this brings to the occasion.

All pupils are also given regular opportunities to perform at local dance displays, fetes and festivals throughout the year. All events are optional and pupils are always welcome to attend classes without participating in any performances if they wish.

For a taste of the colour and excitement of our shows, please take a look at the programmes below.

Premiere Shine1 Shine2

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