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Spring Term 2016 News

March 18th 2016

End of Term

Class will finish this week for the Easter break. Our last day of term is Thursday March 24th.

Thank you very much for your support this term! I hope you have a lovely Easter!

Classes for the Summer term will start from Tuesday April 12th onwards.

Classes will continue as normal until May half term.

I am still looking for an ISTD qualified teacher (who fits the values of our school) to cover my maternity leave. I sadly haven't found anyone yet that I am happy with but I have a couple more teachers to meet and interview in the next 2 weeks.

We have a few offers of class assistants to cover Miss Jo from June from parents in various locations which would be great, thank you!

If I am unable to find someone suitable I may give classes a short break until I restart myself. I will make a decision and confirm this during the Easter break.

Thank you for your understanding.

Alison x

February 28th 2016


Another fabulous weekend!!

Well done to all the wonderful cast of "Expression"!!! Absolutely fantastic performances this weekend well done!!

Huge thanks to all our helpers, friends and family who have helped make it possible and such a lovely experience. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!


Alison and team x

February 21st 2016

Show Success

Huge Congratulations to all our wonderful "Reflection" cast!!! Superb performances this weekend! I am exceptionally proud of you all.

Special thanks to all the parent helpers and everyone who helped make it possible.

I look forward to seeing all the "Expression" cast next weekend!

Alison x

January 4th 2016

Baby News

I am excited to announce that both Miss Jo and her boyfriend Liam, and myself and Matt are both expecting babies in June. I would like to send huge congratulations to our wonderful Miss Jo who runs effortlessly around looking after us all in class and whom will make a fantastic mummy!

We will both be working as normal until May half term and I am currently looking for a ISTD qualified teacher (who fits the values of our school) to cover my maternity leave and a class assistant to cover Miss Jo from June. I am extremely proud and protective of my school and pupils and will only leave it to someone I am 100 % happy with. If I am unable to find someone suitable I may give classes a short break until I restart myself. I will keep you updated on this and let you know as soon as possible.

Happy dancing!

Alison x

January 4th 2016

Spring Term 2016 Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Dancers,

Spring term 2016

Classes for the new term will start from next Tuesday (January 12th). For full term dates please see the termdates page. Invoices for this term will be sent out shortly.

Show update

We have a busy term ahead with the countdown to our shows!! During the first week of term we will be taking photos in class for the show programme, please try not to miss this class if at all possible so your child is included.

Costumes are now all planned and have been ordered. Costumes invoices will be sent out over the next 2 weeks and costumes will be given out on the final 2 weeks before the shows for everyone to take home.

Parent helpers

Thank you to everyone who has offered to help backstage at the shows. Please sign up for which performance or rehearsal you are able to help with (there will be lists pinned up in class next week). There is a strict adult to child ratio required by the theatre. I will allocate each parent to a small group of children to help backstage with costumes and to watch over whilst waiting in the changing rooms. When each group is called to the stage the parent helpers will send them up to the stage door to Miss Jo and myself and wait to collect them afterwards to take them back to dressing room. (Parents of the younger classes - it is really helpful if you can team up and look after friendís children and then swap for the other performance so children are with someone familiar). Only these allocated adult helpers will be permitted to remain in the dressing rooms as stated by the theatre.

Please note that all parent helpers will remain backstage whilst helping and will not be able to view the performance whilst helping.

Everyone is involved in 2 performances so if you do help at one show you can watch the other.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Important dates

Thursday February 18th - Show rehearsal at Haverhill Arts Centre

9-1pm: Reflection show

1-5pm: Expression Show

(exact arrival time for each class will be confirmed shortly)

Reflection performances: Saturday February 20th & Sunday February 21st 2pm

Expression performances: Saturday February 27th & Sunday February 28th 2pm

(All at the Haverhill Arts Centre)

There are a handful of tickets left so book soon if you haven't already! Tickets are available to book directly with Haverhill Arts Centre 01440 714140.

Happy dancing!

Alison x

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